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More About Gwen

Gwen, previously Fife, came to us from North Face Farms in Massachusetts. She is a trained sheepdog who has been performing very well at the Pro-Novice (Open Ranch) competition level and we will be moving up into Open in USBCHA herding competition. She is my go to working dog right now.

She is a sweet biddable dog. Flashy and forward on with great natural read on her stock. Very sensible, treats her stock well, and has good presence. Rough terrain doesn't perturb her and she has the stamina to work all day when necessary along with the ability to chill in the house without issue. She is easy to live with, incredibly sweet, and loves to be with her humans. She is really a fantastic dog all around!

We also participate in Urban Mushing.

Health Testing Results:
CEA - Clear
DM - Clear
IGS - Clear
MDR1 - N/N
NCL - Clear
SN - Carrier
DH - Clear

TNS - Clear​​
EOD - Clear
BAER - Normal
GDD - Clear
OFA Hips - Good
OFA Elbows - Normal

Gwen has had one litter, The Yule Litter, with BlueOak Chase

Click to see more about The Yule Litter

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