L&M O'Neill


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More About O'Neill

O'Neill, or Oni, is from Laura Hicks in South Dakota bred from Redtop lines. A very happy go lucky and extremely intelligent dog with a good off-switch. He is able to work independently and intuitively understands what is needed without much assistance. A good ranch dog and great adventure dog. He is extremely intelligent, even for a border collie. He does need a strong hand when working on stock. His favorite thing in the world other than livestock, is people and children. 

O'Neill has never been bred. 

We participate in Agility, Nosework, and Urban Mushing. 

Health Testing Results:

CEA - Clear

DM - Clear

ICM - Clear

MDR1 - N/N

NCL - Clear

SN - Clear

TNS - Clear​

EOD - Clear

BAER - Normal

Glaucoma - Clear 

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal