L&M O'Neill



More About O'Neill

O'Neill, or Oni, is from Laura Hicks in South Dakota bred from Redtop lines. A very happy go lucky and extremely intelligent dog with a good off-switch. He is able to work independently and intuitively understands what is needed without much assistance. A good ranch dog and great adventure dog. He is extremely intelligent, even for a border collie. He does need a strong hand when working on stock. His favorite thing in the world other than livestock, is people and children. 

We participate in Agility, Nosework, and Urban Mushing. 

Health Testing Results:

CEA - Clear

DM - Clear

ICM - Clear

MDR1 - N/N

NCL - Clear

SN - Clear

TNS - Clear​

EOD - Clear

BAER - Normal

Glaucoma - Clear 

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal