Singularity Quill

More About Quill

Singularity Quill is from our first bred by litter out of Killiebrae Faye by Aled Owen's Llangwm Cap.


He has a lot of growing up to do yet but we are excited to see what the future has in store for us! He has been started on sheep and is showing a lot of promise. He has a lot of natural pace and style. Sheep move off of him like water off a duck. 


His pedigree really speaks for itself and he really showing himself to be everything I had wanted and dreamed from this cross. So far he is a sharp, confident, good looking little guy with a real marvelous temperament! Great with people, kids, small animals, and other dogs. 


Health Testing Results:

CEA - Clear

DM - Clear

ICM - Clear

MDR1 - N/N

NCL - Clear

SN - Clear

TNS - Carrier​

EOD - Clear

BAER - Normal

Glaucoma - Clear

PennHIP - .48 *

OFA Elbows - Not Old Enough

* Breed Average is .48