Singularity Quill

More About Quill

Singularity Quill is from our first bred by litter out of Killiebrae Faye by Aled Owen's Llangwm Cap.


I am  very excited to see what the future has in store for us! He has been started on sheep and is showing an incredible amount of promise. He is very natural on his stock - sheep move off him easily and there is no tension. I absolutely love his presence and ability to settle rowdy sheep! 

His pedigree really does speak for itself and he really showing himself to be everything I had wanted and dreamed from this cross. So far he is a sharp, confident, good looking gentleman with a real marvelous temperament! Great with people, kids, small animals, and other dogs. 


Health Testing Results:
CEA - Clear
DM - Clear
ICM - Clear
MDR1 - N/N
NCL - Clear
SN - Clear
DH - Clear

TNS - Carrier​
EOD - Clear
BAER - Normal
GDD - Clear
PennHIP - .48 *
OFA Elbows - Not Old Enough

* Breed Average is .48