Singularity Yennifer

Yen is from our Yule Litter. She is just a young pup right now but I am excited to see how she grows and matures. 

Singularity Yennifer is from The Yule Litter 2022 - BlueOak Chase x Gwen.    

Yennifer is Bright, Friendly, Inquisitive, Confident, and Easy Going. She loves people, children included, and gets along with a variety of dogs. She isn't afraid of novelty and is a go anywhere, do anything sort of dog. 

Yennifer has been started on sheep. She is showing to be keen, honest, stylish, with confidence and strength while still being kind to her stock. She has great speed and natural read. She has a lovely crafty use of her eye. I'm super excited to get her trained up! 

Health Testing Results:
CEA - Clear
DM - Clear
IGS - Clear
MDR1 - N/N
NCL - Clear
SN - Carrier
DH - Clear
TNS - Clear

EOD - Carrier
GDD - Clear
PennHIP - 0.32
OFA Hips -Prelim Excellent

OFA Elbows - Prelim Normal
Shoulders - OCD free
Spine - Normal

COI 6 - 0.00%